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About Us

At Oryxion, we are driven by our passion for excellence and our unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare through quality data and insights. With our deep expertise in statistical programming and biostatistics, we offer a broad range of services that span the entire clinical research spectrum.

Our success is driven by the expertise and passion of our founders, Soma Sekhar Koramatla and Shabbir Bookseller. With their combined experience and dedication, we are able to provide exceptional services in statistical programming and biostatistics.

Soma Sekhar Koramatla, one of the founders, brings 11 years of valuable experience to the table. With a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Bioinformatics from Sathyabama University, Soma has established a strong foundation for his career in the clinical research industry. Starting as an intern at IQVIA, he gradually worked his way up to become an Associate Manager of Statistical Programming. Soma’s journey also includes serving as a Statistical Programmer at Veranex, where he took on roles such as Statistical Programmer II, Senior Statistical Programmer, and Team Lead for the Statistical Programming department. Throughout his career, Soma has gained expertise in CDISC standards, SDTM, ADaM, TLFs and process improvement work, which have contributed to his success in leading studies and ensuring data accuracy.

Shabbir Bookseller, the other founder, has an impressive 12 years of SAS programming experience in the Bio-statistics department for clinical trials. With an Advanced SAS 9.2 certification, he has been instrumental in leading teams and successfully completing drugs submission processes. Shabbir’s educational background includes an M.B.A. with a specialization in Total Quality Management from Sikkim Manipal University and a B.Pharm from Allana College of Pharmacy, Pune University. His professional journey includes roles at Quintiles Research, Theorem (now Chiltern) Clinical Research, Quartesian Clinical Research, and Axial Analytics. Shabbir’s expertise in SAS programming and statistical analysis has made him a valuable asset to our team.

Together, Soma and Shabbir bring a wealth of knowledge, industry insights, and leadership to Oryxion. They are passionate about delivering top-quality services and innovative solutions to our clients. With their expertise and dedication, we strive to exceed expectations and make a significant impact in the field of clinical research.

As a founder-led company, Oryxion is driven by a culture of excellence and a focus on client satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services, leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge technologies to deliver impactful results.

Why Oryxion?

As a leading provider of innovative pharmaceutical solutions, Oryxion specializes in delivering cutting-edge statistical programming solutions, expert biostatistical services, a comprehensive clinical data management system, along with medical writing solutions of the highest quality. Oryxion has also established itself as a trusted partner by devising many client-oriented initiatives such as a project-based model, functional service provider model to comply with the client’s needs.   

Industry Experts – Oryxion’s solutions have been nurtured by layers of industry expertise who are Subject Matter Experts with 12 years of experience in clinical research and drug development. With Oryxion, it’s a win-win situation for our clients as we leverage a compelling combination of deep domain knowledge, adept industry expertise and cutting-edge technologies to deliver results on the fly.

 Working Model – Because we operate with a flexible and tailored engagement model, we are able to naturally understand our client’s varying requirements. Our clients have the flexibility to choose either a dedicated team or an ongoing support team that suits their budget and requirement. By doing this, our clients can save significant costs, reduce overhead costs associated with recruitment, training, and infrastructure. 

Quality and Scalability – Our model-based approach enables us to deduce each stage of the project on the anvil of quality assurance which involves rigorous checks on quality and accuracy on deliverables. By implementing procedures and best practices of the highest industry standards, our clients can remain worry free regarding the outcome of the project. Our approach towards client’s problems also enables us to upscale or downscale the project team as the need demands, and thereby ensures optimal resource allocation.

Long Term Collaboration – For those seeking long term partnerships, we leverage a dedicated team of experts with a dedicated resource pool. They not only understand the relevance of your project but can also optimally and efficiently steer your project to greater fruition. They thus act as extension of our client’s team as mentors, guides and building blocks of the project.

Industry Problems and Oryxion Solutions

The Challenge – Real-world data in general are variable in nature. The variation mostly occurs in data structure, data quality and other forms. Such data in unstructured forms either go missing, are left undefined or defined differently across various data sources. This is one of the critical pain points, statistical programmers today are facing.

Oryxion’s Solution – Our specialization in CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium) ensure that any unstructured data is coherently organized and presented in compliance adhering to appropriate regulatory requirements. Oryxion’s statistical programming services helps convert such data into SDTM and ADaM standards that are comprehensive. By doing so we not only ensure complete consistency, compliance, and efficient data analysis, but also enable seamless integration complying to industry standards.

Our experience and expertise in aCRF annotation means that there undergoes mapping of data collected in both electronic and physical CRFs to the corresponding SDTM domains. This allows for accurate and comprehensive mapping thereby enabling seamless data integration and analysis.

The Challenge – The evolving and compounding nature of big data has resulted in unpredictability and uncertainty at all levels. Importantly, most areas of essential public health and clinical care rely on biostatistical inputs such as study design, analyzing the data and concrete reporting. The need of the hour are industrious biostatistical inputs and services that respond to the evolving conditions in clinical care.

Oryxion’s Solution – Oryxion’s expert biostatistical services enable organizations to make informed decisions, through elaborative and insightful results. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies combined with innovative approach we offer robust statistical analyses, study design consultation, and expert guidance throughout the research process that helps derive successful clinical outcomes.   

The Challenge – Managing clinical trial data is no easy task, and is one of the most crucial aspects of clinical research. Absence of a good clinical data management system means investing the lengthiest of times in drug development, analysis, marketing, and other related areas. Currently, there is an increased need to enhance the CDM standards to meet standard regulatory needs. Clinical data is one of the factors that remains critical to assess a medicine’s safety, efficacy and its value from an economic point of view.

Oryxion’s Solution – Having an effective and efficient clinical data management system is an absolute must at the first place. Oryxion’s comprehensive clinical data management services start by collecting the data at the first place, then builds the database, cleans it for accurate and relevant information and then validates the data for further use. Our industry best practices and advanced technologies helps streamline the entire data management processes with a meticulous eye for detail, thereby ensuring accuracy, consistency, and ready to use data for analysis. Oryxion leverages its CDM procedures that include CRF designing, CRF annotation, data validation, discrepancy management, data extraction etc. to assess the quality standards at regular intervals. 

Our Differentiation

Foundation Laid by Industry Experts

Our founders Soma Shekhar Koramatla and Shabbir Bookseller who are Subject Matter Experts in Statistical Programming, are leading a team who too are Subject Matter Experts in other services we offer. With Oryxion, our clients can have the advantage of a solid and knowledgeable team that not only houses in-depth expertise, but also brings in extensive experience. A dynamic leadership uniquely positioned to formulate the best practices, frameworks and a concrete methodology to serve our clients.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Having led by industry experts we ensure a rigorous quality assurance process that delivers the highest standards of quality adhering to industry standard procedures, best practices along with routine & thorough quality checks at each stage of development of the project.

Project Based Model

One of the main differentiators we take pride in is our approach to each project. We leverage a flexible and tailored project-based model to cushion our clients by amassing all our work force and intelligentia towards a single project. By doing this, we deliver an unwavering and immersive experience to our clients by taking them through the ‘Whys’ and ‘Hows’ during each stage of the project and thereby ensure that we are completely aligned with our client’s needs & goals.

Innovation and Adapting to Trends   

With all the latest advancements in technologies, it is imperative that we leverage all the novel sophistications to arm ourselves better. By staying abreast of the evolving trends, we ensure that the relevant technology is adopted and leveraged upon any problem statement of our client. Our innovation bay leverages cutting-edge technologies and is always on the look-out for formulating robust methodologies and other sophisticated techniques that drive greater efficiency.    

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